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As a 3D and video artist at Venturit, Inc., I undertook an impactful project to create a compelling advertisement for the health device, Avidhrt. With creative reins firmly in hand, I navigated the project from inception to completion, orchestrating every element to craft an engaging and informative visual narrative. Powered by my skills in Blender, I meticulously designed, animated, and rendered the 3D elements using Eevee, subsequently fine-tuning and enhancing the project’s aesthetics through post-production in Premiere and After Effects. This project was a true embodiment of my expertise, where I single-handedly conceptualized the storyboard, produced 3D models, applied textures, animations, incorporated dynamic motion graphics, and meticulously edited every frame. A pivotal technique that significantly streamlined the process was creating the storyboard directly with the 3D models, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing resource efficiency. Among the paramount objectives was to ingeniously showcase the device’s features, underlining its value proposition in an engaging and visually captivating manner.

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