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In my role as a marketing producer at Rightware, I embarked on a project that involved creating impactful demo videos to showcase our company’s technology. These videos, serve a dual purpose. They find their home on social media platforms, especially YouTube, aiming to engage a wider audience. Simultaneously, they help our sales team, providing them with a powerful tool to visually communicate the expertise of Rightware’s demos to potential clients.

The initial intention was to create these videos in 3D, but time constraints led me to pivot. Instead, I opted for an on-camera approach, sidestepping the intricacies of 3D processes like modeling and rendering. Armed with a Sony a6400, a fixed 85mm 1.8 lens, a versatile 20-70mm 2.8 zoom lens, along with Godox constant lights, softboxes, and an automated slider, I embarked on capturing the essence of our technology. The subsequent journey encompassed editing and color correction in Premiere, complemented by motion graphics finesse in After Effects.

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