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I enjoy challenging myself to expand my skills and try new things. So, when the opportunity came to experience life on the other side of the camera for a video tutorial series, I volunteered to be the host. This was in addition to my production work, which included organizing props, lighting, equipment, editing, and setting the workflow.

Putting everything together was like solving a fun jigsaw puzzle, but the biggest personal challenge was speaking in front of the camera. Practice makes perfect, and I’m pleased with the end result, which received very positive feedback from our user base. It was a team effort, and I want to thank my manager Jyrki for trusting that I could do it and my teammate Chris for his amazing scripts and pronunciation checks!

HMI tools may not be your area of interest, but you might still enjoy seeing a sample from this new adventure of mine.


You can see my process for setting up the shot next:

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