VR cars

Modeling 3D cars for VR


I undertook an engaging endeavor to craft captivating ads for lotions and oils, in collaboration with the Jamaican brand “Simply.” This creative journey unfolded while freelancing for Aristocratz. Guided by the client’s vision for simplicity, the primary focus remained on highlighting the products themselves. Utilizing a blend of 3D and camera-generated shadows, we meticulously constructed the product visuals. Employing Blender, we brought these creations to life with PBR textures, rendering them on Cycles for a natural and authentic feel.

The essence of the brand was skillfully captured through animation and color enhancement in After Effects, enhancing the overall appeal of the ads. The project encapsulates a harmonious fusion of creative design, technical prowess, and client-centered vision, celebrating the elegance and allure of “Simply” lotions and oils.



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