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Venturit, Inc branding

As a designer at Venturit, Inc., I took a project focused on creating a series of captivating 3D logo. The primary aim was to craft visually striking logos that would leave a lasting impression on both social media audiences and the company’s employees, as they adorned the backgrounds of their laptops. Throughout the project, I seized the opportunity to experiment with new techniques, resulting in logos that showcase the company’s identity in a unique and dynamic way.


To achieve the project’s goals, I used Blender, as the primary tool for crafting the logos. The project’s journey involved a meticulous combination of techniques, including the use of particle systems to generate intricate leaves. Additionally, I employed sophisticated simulations to create an impressive effect of the logo inflating like a balloon.


Intricate attention was given to texturing the logos using Physically Based Rendering (PBR) textures. This technique ensured that the logos exhibited a high level of realism, making them visually compelling on various digital platforms. Rendering was performed using the Cycles rendering engine in Blender, which further enhanced the logos’ visual quality, bringing out their depth and detail.


To add the final touches and refine the logos, I utilized Adobe Photoshop. This post-processing phase allowed me to fine-tune the rendered images, adjusting colors, contrast, and other elements to achieve the desired visual impact. The meticulous post-processing in Photoshop ensured that the logos attained the level of finesse required.

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