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I was asign to create two compelling videos showcasing Goodyear’s tire lines: Citymax and RHS II. This visual production was developed during my tenure at Planet 141, an agency based in Cali, Colombia.


The main objective of the project was to highlight the unique features and advantages of the Citymax and RHS II tires, capturing the attention of both, truck and bus drivers. As the lead designer, I took on multiple responsibilities throughout the creative process, ensuring that the videos conveyed Goodyear’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Drawing upon my expertise in 3D modeling, animation, and rendering, I crafted captivating logos and intros for both tire lines. These visually striking elements served as an impactful introduction to the videos, setting the tone and creating brand recognition for Goodyear’s Citymax and RHS II products.

Furthermore, I meticulously did highly detailed 3D models of the Citymax and RHS II tires. The detailed tire models became the focal points of the videos, effectively communicating the key selling points of each tire line.


As a versatile team member, I also took on the role of a camera assistant during the video production phase. Collaborating with the team, I facilitated the recording of captivating shots that showcased the tires in various environments and driving conditions. The use of diverse hardware, including Canon DSLR cameras, DJI drones, and GoPros action cameras, allowed us to capture footage that brought the tires to life on the screen.

Additionally, I handled the post-production tasks, including video editing and audio production. By carefully piecing together the footage, I crafted coherent and visually appealing narratives that highlighted the tire lines’ capabilities and benefits. The audio enhancements complemented the visuals, creating a captivating and immersive viewing experience.


The resulting videos stand as a testament to the successful collaboration between Goodyear and Planet 141, exemplifying the power of creativity and technical expertise in delivering a compelling message to the target audience

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