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In my role as a multi-faceted supervisor at Planet 141, I played a pivotal role in the creation of an animated movie that demanded comprehensive oversight across various aspects. As the Background Supervisor, Prop Modelling Supervisor, Compositing Supervisor, Lighting Supervisor, and Rendering Supervisor, I omanage dieffent a wide group of creative and technical elements that culminated in an animated movie. Leveraging Maya for the project’s core and Fusion for composition, I navigated the challenge of managing complex layers and led a team of 10 to 15 individuals to ensure seamless coordination and consistent visual excellence. This endeavor marked my immersion into the world of node-based editing, a groundbreaking experience that pushed the boundaries of my skills and introduced me to innovative techniques. My responsibilities extended beyond technical execution; I meticulously ensured prop compliance through automated scripting, harmonized the visual style across diverse shots, and orchestrated synchronized efforts to achieve a unified and compelling animated narrative.

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