The Hour of Chaos

3D animated series for kids

As a 3d generalist at Planet 141, I join a project to create a trailer for the animated 3D series “La Hora del Caos,” made for a young audience. In this multifaceted endeavor, I leveraged my skills to bring the imaginative world of the series to life. With expertise in 3DS Max, I coordinated the creation of character rigs, executed some simulations, and did the post-production process, editing and sound mixing. This project, while demanding, allowed me to delve into extensive research to ensure every aspect was meticulously designed. Rendering-wise, we utilized scanline rendering, supplemented by alternative techniques for ambient occlusion output. The final touch involved color refinement in Premiere Pro, culminating in a trailer that captures the essence of “La Hora del Caos” and promises an exciting journey for its young viewers.

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