Signature UI demo

Video showcase

As a marketing producer at Rightware, I spearheaded a project focused on producing a captivating video titled “Signature UI Demo,” aimed at spotlighting our cutting-edge company technology. This video serves a two purposes, seamlessly aligning with our digital strategy. It finds its home on dynamic social media platforms, notably YouTube, engaging a wider audience. Moreover, it serves as an invaluable tool for our adept sales team, enabling them to vividly present Rightware’s demos to prospective clients.

The distinctive aspect of this project lay in its creation through 3D. My aim was to infuse the video with an invigorating “ad feel,” one that emanates a fresh ambiance while intently highlighting our technology in car’s infotainment system. The project encountered the unique challenge of sculpting scenes with flexibility, fitting to evolving content demands that ran in parallel.

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