VR cars

Modeling 3D cars for VR


My role as a 3D modeler for the Moving Message company revolved around the task of crafting three distinct cars that would seamlessly integrate into a VR project. In Blender’s digital canvas, I model each car, ensuring that every curve and contour mirrored its real-world counterpart with an eye for detail that enhances the immersive realism. A critical aspect of this process was optimizing the models for performance within a VR context, adhering to a strict tri count ceiling of 25,000 polygons. This crucial constraint was met with a delicate dance of preserving the aesthetic intricacies while economizing on polygons, resulting in models that seamlessly blend visual fidelity with smooth, glitch-free interaction. Each vehicle took about a week of dedicated craftsmanship, a testament to my commitment to precision and artistry in 3D modeling, and they stand ready to elevate the VR experience with their lifelike presence and seamless performance.



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