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The Wizdn education ad was a project that let me showcase my skills in a down-to-earth way. I used Blender to create the 3D elements that brought Wizdn to life visually. By keeping the design simple and user-friendly, I aimed to reflect the platform’s essence. Working with Cycles for rendering added a realistic touch to the models. I then infused animations and motion graphics, fine-tuning the ad’s look in Premiere and After Effects. What’s cool is that I handled everything from start to finish – the initial storyboard, making models, adding textures, creating animations, and polishing the final edit. The clever twist of integrating the storyboard with the 3D models helped make the process smooth and efficient, giving the ad a cohesive look. The ultimate goal was to make sure the viewers got a clear picture of all the cool features that Wizdn’s education platform has to offer.




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